My bags are packed…


Dulles – Amsterdam – Nairobi — all in 18 hours.  I have my yellow fever shot, typhoid vaccination, and I took my first malaria pill just a few minutes ago.  For those of you that don’t know, here is a brief itinery of my summer:

May 16: Arrive in Nairobi

May 25 – 26: Conference on Mobile Banking – this is what I’ve been working on for months with 8 other Fletcher students.  We have funding and participants, so now we just have to hope that everything goes well.  Please check out the website at (and watch the blog…I wrote the first post!)

May 27 – June 1: Celebratory trip to Juma, a resort off the coast of Kenya, with the mBanking crew.

June 2 – ?:  Interning at Twaweza – working on Monitoring and Evaluation / Everything else.

August 26: return to Dulles airport

I will probably work through until the end, but may take off and travel depending on how much I am getting out of the internship.  I am lucky enough to have many friends from Fletcher also spending the summer in East Africa, so I have plenty of people to visit!

I will have email access so please email me regularly.  I will also try to update this blog and Facebook, for those of you that are on it.  I will send out my phone number as soon as I have one, but the best option for talking is Skype – just email me and we can sent up a time to talk – my username is chrissymartin2.

Have a great summer!


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  1. Hello friend! I am so excited for you and jealous of the journey that you are about to begin! I can only hope that it turns out better than my adventure to Kenya and have a great feeling that it will. Please remember to be really safe and smart! There were lots of people trying to scam money from me because they know we are Americans. Anyway, take tons of pics! I will miss you tons and am so sad that I will miss you before I head off to the islands! Love you

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